Motherhood is harder than anyone tells you it will be. I knew that motherhood would be hard. But it was never supposed to be THIS hard. Postpartum life was nothing like I expected. When you become a mother, you are expected to change so much: change your priorities, change your perspectives, change your lifestyle, change your fears, change your responsibilities, and of course change lots and lots of diapers. So then why is it that we are so critical of the changes in our body?


I had not expected to be so hard on myself the first three months, and then be caught off guard all over again at the end of the “fourth trimester” when shit really got real. Five years and two more kids later, I am still not immune to mom guilt, opinions of sanctimommies, and every mom’s worst critic: herself.


It is important to remember that when a baby is born, there is also a birth of a mother. Just as life will forever be changed, so will our bodies, and that is perfectly okay.


“Bounce back”


“Body after baby”


“Mummy tummy”


“Body back”


“Baby fat”


The first thing you need to lose after the birth of your baby is the weight of these words. Lose these phrases from your vocabulary. Your journey through motherhood and postpartum recovery is so much more than a number on a scale. We do not believe in crash diets that capitalize on water-weight loss and impressive drops in scale weight. Whether your goal be to lose fat, gain muscle, or simply reset your relationship with food and exercise, we respect what the body needs to thrive under the demands of motherhood. If your goal is to gain muscle, we want you to do it in a way that minimizes fat gain. If your goal is to lose weight, we want you to lose FAT, and not just weight. The difference matters.


As moms, we only want the best for our babies. We hope to be the best version of ourselves for them and our families. For many of us, especially those who had had multiple pregnancies, it can be hard to build momentum when it always seems like, just when things are starting to fall into place, something comes up to throw you off your path. Between teething, leaps, growth spurts, illness, celebrations, holidays, seasonal weather changes, burst plumbing, family drama, sleepless nights – it is never ending, it can feel like we can never get ahead.


We understand this. Because we are moms, too. Our team provides individualizes programs designed to help you reach and maintain your nutrition, fitness, and breastfeeding goals while navigating the challenges of motherhood. We work with each client to custom design a weight loss plan that reflects your short and long-term goals. We ourselves are mothers who have breastfed for one year or longer while achieving our health and fitness goals, all while facing many of the same struggles you face.


We do not believe  in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all approaches to long-term and sustainable habits.  Every individual is facing their own unique circumstances regarding their inability to lose weight and everyone has a distinct history with their past relationship with food and exercise. Just like no two babies are alike, no two postpartum journeys are alike. For this reason, we limit the number of clients we take on at once in order to provide an absolutely individualized and personal, one-on-one experience.


All of the Fitness Forward Nutrition programs have been exclusively created to help educate, support, and guide clients in achieving healthy weight loss through evidence-based strategies while taking into consideration all of your unique and individual needs. 


Along with nutrition and weight loss consulting, our services provide a very intimate and personalized coaching strategy - we become your lifeline, your support system, your cheerleader, and your mama hen. If you fail, we fail. You will have a partner in your journey every step of the way.

Your journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

Keep moving forward,


Kristina has coached thousands of women, both lactating and not, on the intricacies of weight loss in a very stressful and demanding world. It is her goal and passion to help mothers eliminate the emotional and physical struggles, whether small or large, that come with trying to be fit and make healthier food choices while also taking care of their families. With years of education, multiple levels of certification, and constantly staying up to date through continuing education courses, staying abreast of current research publications on the science of weight loss, Kristina applies an evidence-based methodology to her practice. And by working with experts that specialize in areas of kinesiology, physical therapy, exercise physiology, and naturopathy, she ensures that the programs that are developed are safe, sound, effective, and healthy. All coaches adhere to the same high standards and expectation when working with our clients.