Fit Forward Mom was birthed from the realization that the unique variables of breastfeeding made it impossible to find an online calculator that could create a precise, yet individualized macro split for the lactating mom interested in losing fat. Using standard TDEE formulas available everywhere, I took the traditional formulas and created a proprietary method to calculate weight loss macros for breastfeeding moms. Over the next few years, I would have the privilege of working directly with over 800 lactating moms, with whom I would create custom calculations manually in Excel and modify based on the unique lifestyles of each one. With each new client and each unique progress pattern, I was able to tweak and modify my formula until I was confident that I had a blueprint for safely calculating macros for milky mamas, regardless of their postpartum age, need to supplement, contribution to a freezer stash, feeding of multiples, tandem feeding, and activity level.


It seemed impossible to be able to replicate this formulaically in an online calculator...that is, until it wasn't!


This project has been a labor of love and has been years in the making. I worked closely with a brilliant graduate from UC Berkeley who double majored in both engineering and computer science to extrapolate the data from all my prior clients and turn it into a mathematical formula. Using that formula, I then worked with a very talented computer programmer to translate my formula into code. We tested and revised. Re-retesting and revised again. After many rounds, it appeared that the formula was finally working correctly. I then recruited volunteer testers to use the calculator for themselves. After confirming it was consistently generating precise results, I am now confident that the Milk Made Macros calculator is ready for general use. 

The Milk Made Macros calculator, Milk Made Macros website, and the Milk Made Manual will continue to be a work in progress, so I thank you for now being a part of MY journey as I try to reach as many mothers that are looking for help with lactation and flexible dieting that I can. I would love any feedback, requests, suggestions, and most especially - your success stories. Please do not hesitate to email me at: 

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