My review of the BootySprout hip thruster and a discount code!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

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NO ONE can lie. Big butts are in right now!

Being half-Korean, I was NOT blessed with a thicc behind. I've been a fan of hip thrusts and glute bridges, but to be quite honest, I was discouraged to do them because the set-up took up a lot of the limited amount of time that I had to workout.

So when I saw an ad pop-up on Instagram for the BootySprout, I was immediately intrigued...but still skeptical. Long story short, after a few months, I finally caved in and bought one for myself as a birthday present to me.

Immediately I was impressed. I order practically everything by mail these days, so I've seen all levels of quality and condition show up at my door just two days later. The BootySprout was packaged very securely and best of all, it came completely assembled. I was able to unbox it easily and open it up for use.

The BootySprout comes with three, 45-pound resistance bands, allowing for 45, 90, or 135-pound variations of use. I added a 70-pound band to my order so that I could go up to 205 pounds of resistance, plus every combination in between, without having to add my own bar and weights (something I mentioned that I was already trying to avoid because of the time it took to set up and re-rack).

I found the BootySprout very easy to use, and immediately wondered if I could somehow "hack" it into a full-body piece of workout equipment. I COULD!! Using cheap resistance bands, I was able to incorporate a full-body workout with ease. I show some in the video below.

I highly recommend this product for busy moms that are looking for an efficient way to do strength training exercises within their home. We have a fully built-out gym, but in instances where I have to work out with any of my babies in the space, I'm hesitant to use the really heavy equipment. With three boys, accidents are bound to happen!

I paid $164 for the BootySprout, $16 for the 70 lb band add-on, plus CA sales tax. Shipping was free and FAST. You can use discount code "FITFORWARDMOM" for $20 off your purchase! (I do not know how long they will keep this discount code active. Please let me know if it stops working so that I can reach out to them.

My only complaint about the BootySprout is that one of my pins gets stuck when I'm trying to fold it flat. I reached out to their customer service who responded both promptly and professionally with a resolution: I simply have to press back on the backrest to allow the pin to slip through. They assured me that this will get better over time. It's such a minor issue, so other than that little thing, I love love love it!

I will be coming up with new variations for using the BootySprout for full body workouts every so often, so if you would like to follow along for new ideas, you can follow me on Instagram.

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