Custom Breastfeeding Macros, One-Time Calc

Custom Breastfeeding Macros, One-Time Calc

This program includes a full intake assessment and one macro calculation, plus an additional two weeks of follow-ups and lactation support to make sure that your calories are dialed in to protect your supply while promoting optimal fat loss. Please allow 3 full business days from your purchase for the delivery of your custom program.


The method of support for this program has been revised to improve the client experience. If you are a former client, please read carefully as the platform for check-ins and weekly support may be different than you have experienced in the past.


I, Juliette, am a macros coach and certified breastfeeding professional. My foremost job is to protect your supply. My second job is to put you in the best position for long-term weight loss and sustainable caloric intake. The optimal approach to macros while breastfeeding is to have a long-term plan in mind with reoccurring adjustments through every phase of your postpartum recovery (returning to exercise, increasing workout intensity, weaning, adding to your stash, menstruation, returning to work, etc.), as well as baby's development (growth spurts, physical milestones, transitioning to solids, etc.)


I think that the earlier you can start, the better. Your milk supply establishment is the most critical within the first 12 weeks, so what you do during this time lays the groundwork for how long you can successfully breastfeed, as well as how easily you can continue to lose weight 4, 6, 8, and 12 months from now. With that in mind, I WILL NOT calculate a deficit for you prior to 12 weeks postpartum. This will be detrimental to your long-term ability to maintain your milk supply. The soonest I will calculate deficit macros is at 12 weeks postpartum. However, I can calculate macros for you so that you will still likely lose weight (most lactating clients will lose some weight), but you will also be in a MUCH better position to lose weight efficiently and not stall with weight loss down the line or risk rebounding after you finish breastfeeding, and most importantly, you will promote milk production. Again, although you will likely lose weight the first 12 weeks, I don’t guarantee it, because I prioritize your health, recovery, and milk supply first. Likewise, if you have been significantly undereating prior to receiving your macro calc, you will need to allow your body some extra time for it to adjust and benefit from the new intake.


For the duration of your current plan enrollment, I will be responsible for your fully customized macro calculation and will offer any critical lactation support within my designation and ability. Each calculation is constructed using a unique formula.


Please note the following, as we get approached about these often:

  • This is NOT a coaching program. There may be a macros adjustment at every check-in or none at all for all - in most cases no adjustments are required. If you don’t need any adjustments, it simply means I got you dialed-in correctly the first time; not having your macros adjusted during the follow-ups does not mean you will get a credit for future adjustments. You also do not get a re-calc because you experience a lifestyle or dietary changes (this includes not being able to hit your projected workouts, illness, travel/vacation, etc.) The check-ins are not meant to be substitutes for coaching to help with meal planning, day-to-day strategies, coaching through the science, and/or explanations of the methodology, etc.
  • Firm compliance is encouraged in order for us to accurately assess your progress and the need for any tweaks to your macro targets. This includes weighing and tracking everything you eat/drink, hitting your water and fiber targets, prioritizing sleep when possible, and hitting your macro goals within 5g. 
  • You may stack your programming in consecutive segments as an economical alternative to coaching. Each added segment of additional check-ins will include three weeks and is an additional $50. Any lapse between segments is considered a desired break in programming and do not qualify for the discount. We ask that you please do not advance-purchase a stack and then request a deferred continuation in order to ‘lock in’ the reduced price. Please also keep in mind that calculations may not be revised at the start of each consecutive program if they are not warranted. This is a great option for someone who likes the accountability of check-ins, but does not need a higher level of coaching support.
  • Please consider if this is the right time for you to prioritize food tracking and macro counting. As moms of little ones, we are all busy and will get surprised by sick kids, family visitors, birthday parties, etc. No refunds will be issued if you are not able to prioritize complying with the assigned macros within the program period.
  • A very small number of spots are sold per week in order to assure quality of care and programming for each mama. We ask that you consider this program non-refundable, as any refunds become un-recouped losses, as well as the missed opportunity for another mama in need to get help sooner. Please do not impulsively purchase a program to hold your spot with the intention to request a refund should you change your mind. Doing so may result in removal from our Facebook group, as well as a ban on future purchases.
  • This program is designed for lactating (including in the process of weaning) mamas only. Please do not purchase this program if you are not lactating. You may email me for additional program options.


To reiterate, this macro and breastfeeding support program is a bit different than my full-service coaching program. If you think you will need more in-depth support (for example if you come from a keto background, a low carb background, a disordered eating background, or any other extreme diets), then the full-service coaching may be better suited for your needs. If you are comfortable with macros and turning to my Facebook page for support, then you should get everything you need between my support and the support of our village :) 


Thank you! We look forward to working with you!

  • Please note:

    Additional check-ins are allotted to ensure that your supply is protected. There may be a macros adjustment at every check-in or none at all for all two, depending on how currectly your macros are dialed in from the beginning. It is my goal to have your macros correctly calculated from the first round, but because each nursing mom is different, it may take a couple of rounds to make sure it is sufficiently dialed in.



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