Coming Soon: January 11 [re]New You Challenge

Coming Soon: January 11 [re]New You Challenge

When it comes to your goals, how dependent are you on "motivation"?  Or even a strict meal plan that has you cut out entire food groups or macro types? Have you ever convinced yourself that feeling sick or experiencing dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and mood swings are just part of a "detox" process (where's the science??) Or have you been told that "more-is-more" and that, along with severe food restrictions, you should also be including intense exercise?


And then once the diet is over, have you found that you haven't really learned anything that you can carry over into a normal, balanced lifestyle? You're dependent on a meal plan to "jump-start" you. And then since the "motivation" is gone, your prior 30-days are no longer sustainable. After a couple of weeks, the scale starts to creep back up and soon you find yourself back to your original weight - if not heavier - and at your next attempt at weight-loss, you have a harder time seeing results because, little did you know, your "success" came at the expense of muscle mass and possibly other hormonal effects.


Juliette and Kristina are  about more than just "counting macros." We are here to teach you the "how" and "why" of the Milk Made Method and for empowering YOU with the tools that will allow independence in achieving your short-term and long-term goals. We will teach you why we prioritize fat loss over general weight loss and how to replenishing nutrients lost to pregnancy and breastfeeding, while still supporting your immune system and hormonal balance, all with the end-goal of leading you to your health and fitness goals. Most importantly, to instill a lifetime of a healthy mindset when it comes to your relationship with your body and with food. 


We refuse to sell out to the vulture-diet-culture and target vulnerable moms in their time of need. We think you are SO MUCH MORE than prey. So, that’s why we created the Milk Made Method. Challenge yourself to a [re]New You.


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