“Working with Kristina has been absolutely life changing. For the last 10 years I have been extremely obsessive about diet and exercise. I am a personal trainer and thought I knew everything about what it meant to eat healthy, but I had taken my healthy eating so far that I lost my period, had no energy and completely destroyed my metabolism. In 6 months I gained a tremendous amount of weight and had no idea what to do to fix it. I reached out to Kristina at the peak of all of my health issues and she immediately helped me to start making changes to my "healthy" diet in a very safe and scientific way. She has been so patient with me and my flawed beliefs about diet. She is teaching me not to fear food, and slowly getting my metabolism back to normal. She counsels me every time I have a food/weight related freak out and even uses tough love sometimes. She makes me feel safe and comfortable about the changes she's making to my diet, but most of all, she is helping me nourish my body so that I can train the way I want to and have energy to do my job. She is an incredible support system, so patient but at the same time, she gets me out of my obsessive thought patterns and listens to what I need. I highly recommend her and wouldn't trust me health to anyone else!!”

C.K. - Denver, CO

“Kristina - I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and coaching these last few months. Tomorrow, our family heads to Hawaii for our first family vacation since having a baby and I can honestly say, I feel the most confident I ever have about my body. EVER!!

When you first reviewed my diet and told me I needed MORE calories and MORE carbs, I thought you were nuts (another thing I needed more of since I wasn't getting enough protein or fats either). You know your stuff! In addition to nourishing my body, I feel so much happier and level heading with more carbs in my diet.

I've been skinny many times in my life, but for the first time, I have a flat stomach and a toned body. The best part - I'm not starving!! In fact, yesterday when I stepped out of the shower, my husband commented that this is the healthiest and best he's ever seen me look and shared how proud he is of me for not skipping meals or turning into a hangry mom in the last weeks leading up to our trip, something I've always done prior to working with you.

It's obvious within the first five minutes of talking with you, you are passionate and knowledgeable about all things nutrition and health. I truly appreciate all the time you spent educating me on why you are making the recommendations you give and how it effects metabolism and hormones. You've created a nutrition plan I can sustain long term and feel confident in how it effects my health.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

A.D. - Orange County, CA

“I've been working with Kristina since I was about 6-8 weeks PP. I'm now 6 months PP and I'm 7-8lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I have had a couple bad days here and there and over indulged in Oreos at one point but I never slacked on my workouts and I ran the fastest I've ran two miles for my army physical fitness test in the past two years. I am confident I will be able to achieve my ultimate weight loss goal by the end of the year and I know I'll be summer ready to be back in my bikini by May/June time frame. I've enjoyed working side by side and still exclusively breast feeding while accomplishing all my personal and professional fitness goals. If you're ready to commit I know she will help you get on the right path for a successful fitness journey. It's been an amazing and enjoyable experience for me and I can honesty say I've gained a great friend through all of this.”

J.V. - Honolulu, HI

“Kristina is an amazing coach! Over a year ago she worked with me to guide me through nutrition and fitness I was couple months postpartum! She was an awesome inspiration and very motivating. Any questions I had she never hesitated to assist me. If I lived closer I would definitely take her mommy classes! She knows I enjoy jogging so she incorporated that into my workout routines. It's been over a year that she worked with me but even now if I have questions she never hesitates to help. She's very professional and knowledgeable! I highly recommend her! Her advice and plan really does work!”

E.R. - Orange County, CA

“Kristina is amazing! There should be more than 5 stars for Kristina and her program!!

A little about myself - I'm a SAHM to two rambunctious yet wonderful kids (I love them so much, I would never have it any other way!), an energetic preschooler and a very curious toddler. They keep me on my toes ALL. The. Time. Our days are never the same. We are always on the go and sometimes I feel like I can never catch up! But a few months ago, I became unhappy about the extra baby weight that I was still carrying a year and a half after my daughter was born. I tried to exercise but wasn't consistent. I tried eating less but that left me depleted by the end of the day. And to be honest, I didn't really know which direction I was going. That’s when I hired Kristina....

Kristina has admitted from the beginning that her program takes commitment. The process could be challenging but that the return was worth it, and she was absolutely right! Admittedly, I was very intimidated to start her program since it was all new to me - I now have to track my food, count my calories - which is totally foreign to me. But I was committed and determined.

The first thing Kristina had me do was track my food for 2 weeks. She helped me set up a profile on My Fitness Pal App on my phone to make tracking easier. During the 2 weeks, she sends you a "questionnaire" and asks that you thoroughly and honestly answer it. This actually made me think even harder on truly what my goal was. Was it just to lose weight? No, I wanted to set a good example for my children.

Kristina then will send you an in-depth explanation of your Nutritional Plan. She is very knowledgeable and she explained to me complex "things" in an understandable way. She explained to me why my form of diet wasn't working. She devised a plan on what we should do. And I really liked that. I felt like I had a bestie working alongside with me, supporting me and always had my best interest at heart.

Then the fun begins! After giving me the macro nutrients that my body needed for the day, keeping in mind that I was still nursing, Kristina helped me with meal plans and grocery lists. She taught me to include nutrient-rich items in my daily eating, and this actually made it easier for me to have a staple of foods in the fridge which was easier for me to grab and eat (especially if I didn't have any time to cook) compared to the junk I had before I started her program.

After just a few weeks of tracking, and with Kristina's continued guidance, I eventually got the hang of it. It had become second nature to me. I had managed to figure out the right balance of food I needed to eat just my eyeballing. And before I knew it, my weight melted off. And at less than 10 weeks, I had reached my goal weight and has continued to keep it off a month later!! I never felt hungry, tired, cranky, and I had a lot of energy. The best part was I know I am setting a good example for my children. I am very happy to have developed a healthy relationship and a healthy lifestyle with food. And I couldn't have done it without Kristina. Kristina was there every step of the way. I looked forward to her weekly check- ins, which offered positive feedback and accountability! I truly felt like my success was her success.

"Thank you's" doesn't seem enough to express how truly grateful I am of Kristina and her program. She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients. I highly recommend her health and nutrition coaching services to anyone who is serious about making a positive change in their lifestyle. As a mom who needs her village, Kristina is part of mine.”

A.L. - San Francisco, CA

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to have met Kristina. Kristina is INVALUABLE to new moms and not just first time Moms, but to all Moms!

Kristina is wonderful. I am a first time Mommy and was struggling to lose my remaining baby weight. I was eating healthy and exercising with no change in my body. After we had met via email, Kristina knew right away what I was doing wrong and said she could help me. In just a few weeks she taught me an immense amount of valuable nutrition information, gave me my goals for calories per day and also gave me food suggestions to help me lose the weight I couldn’t shift. I found I was eating more than I ever had, had more energy, which was great with having 7-month-old.

Kristina is a source of wisdom, support, and encouragement. She truly cares about you, and it shows in every single interaction you have with her. Kristina checked in with me on a daily basis, reviewed my food log, gave recommendations on workout programs, held me accountable to my goals and commitments, gave me a kick up the arse when needed, made it fun and finally encouraged me. I feel very blessed to have met Kristina, it 's hard to find someone who is knowledgeable, fun and has one heck of a personality, the experience was just what I needed, and she knew exactly what I was going through as she was a first time Mommy herself.

I would recommend Kristina to anyone who is looking to lose weight, get healthy; you will not regret it.”

E.K. - Orange County, CA