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The Milk Made Method program centers around a collective of supportive mamas, where participants can connect with one another over similar goals and circumstances, while learning the fundamentals of implementing a healthy lifestyle in a fun and interactive environment.  With daily challenges, weekly goal assignments, evidence-based strategies, functional resources, and on-going support, participants will learn how to establish goals and build flexible systems to create a path for success no matter what curve balls mom life might have in store.   [PROGRAM NAME] presents this in a fun group environment with opportunities to engage with others, build consistency, and compete for prizes.


[PROGRAM NAME] Participants receive:

  1. The complete Milk Made Macros Members Program, which includes  

    • Use of the Milk Made Macro calculator to generate your fully customized macronutrient target

    • The 60+ page Milk Made Manual

    • Sample meal plans

    • Sample recipes including vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options

    • A guide to supplements while breastfeeding

    • A guide to increasing your supply

  1. Access to a members-only Facebook group

  2. Recommendations and connections for “small groups” support

  3. Bonus customizable meal planning, shopping, and prep guides

  4. A complete 5-week workout program with customizable options to suit your needs

  5. Daily habit-building activities and challenges

  6. Bonus recipes, resources, surprises, and more!


Goals of the Milk Made Method

Our foremost job in this challenge is to help you learn the habits and skills that will put you in the best position for long-term success with your health and fitness goals. [PROGRAM NAME] is beneficial if you have struggled to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain a healthy body composition for a sustainable length of time.  This program truly is designed for everyone, because much of the data will be presented in ways that are relevant to new and veteran moms alike, as proven effective in our years of coaching hundreds of moms like you.  The skills learned during this program are adaptable for any goal and are universal for building a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


Because each person’s journey truly is unique, we will provide you with the fundamentals and resources essential to building an approach that improves upon your unique strengths and helps you to overcome your weaknesses while equipping you with the confidence to adapt to life’s challenges as they happen.  While reshaping your body is a likely outcome of this program, the primary focus is on reshaping your habits. Our goal is to prioritize your health and ability to achieve independent, long-term success. 


Participation Rewards

While this program centers around building a fellowship, we want to foster a competitive spirit by providing the opportunity to earn points based on individual achievements.  Goals are personally defined by each participant at the beginning of the challenge – you are your own competition!  Accrued points will contribute to your ability to win a gift from Juliette and Kristina at the end of the program. One award is guaranteed, with the hope to give more along the way!




  • Is this a coaching program?

    • This is NOT a 1:1 coaching program. Many topics will be addressed during the challenge, but given the pace of the program, in depth explanations and individualized support will be limited and will be addressed in the group environment to allow all participants access to the same information.

  • What happens if I can’t complete the challenge?

    • Please consider if this is the right time for you to prioritize food tracking, macro counting, meal planning, and fitness. As moms of little ones, we are all busy and will get surprised by sick kids, family visitors, birthday parties, etc. No refunds will be issued if you are not able to participate in the assigned activities within the program period.

  • What if I’m unsure if I want to participate?

    • A limited number of spots are sold per challenge in order to assure quality of care and programming for each participant. Due to this limited availability all transactions will be non-refundable once payments have been processed. In consideration of others, please do not purchase a slot to hold your place with the intention to request a refund should you change your mind. We appreciate your understanding as we are a small business doing our best to help as many mamas as possible with our finite time and resource.

  • Is this program right for me?

    • This program is primarily designed for pregnant, lactating, and/or postpartum mamas that are looking for a cost effective way to learn the skills required to reach their goals, connect with other women of similar interests, and are self-motivated to implement changes in their daily lives. If you are interested in our other offerings you may email us for additional program options at

  • What kind of support is provided?

    • For the duration of the challenge, resources and information will be provided from a variety of sources on many aspects related to building a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition/macros, fitness, overall health and wellness. Additionally, we will offer any critical lactation support within our designations and abilities.



To reiterate, this program is a bit different than our full-service coaching programs. If you think you will need more in-depth support (for example if you come from a keto background, a low carb background, a disordered eating background, or any other extreme diets), then full-service coaching may be better suited for your needs.


Thank you! We look forward to working with you!